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Notice: Jim and Cindy of Jimcin have retired from the direct distribution of audio books. Many of our books are available from AUDIBLE.COM This company distributes audio books from many companies in digital form - at a small fraction of the cassette price. Save a bundle, and own your books at a price cheaper than renting them.


Jimcin Recordings
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Why listen to books?

If you don't already know, then read below.

"Recorded books have become a hot new communications medium for many people who are tired of listening to music as they sit in traffic. As a substitute they are listening to novels on do painters,joggers, fishermen, airline passengers, architects, and carpenters. Just about anybody who wants to read, but doesn't have the time, uses them." from the PROVIDENCE JOURNAL

"Books on cassettes are better than ever.. a go-anywhere medium, pre-recorded tapes can be enjoyed where other media, especially books, cannot: driving, gardening, exercising, or washing dishes are but a few examples." from AMERICAN LIBRARIES magazine

"Heard any good books lately? On a rainy day there's nothing like curling up with a good audio cassette. You can enjoy a novel..or how about some Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales for the children?" from CHANGING TIMES magazine

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