Black History and The Civil War


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"Dubois gives the best description of his own writing,'I have sought here to sketch, in vague, uncertain outline, the spiritual world in which ten thousand, thousand Americans live and strive.' He wrote from personal recollections, his studies of Southern life styles, and from his heart. It is a stunning achievement of writing.The audio version of the classic work is also a stunning achievement. It is a moving experience to listen to Covell's interpretation. He reads as if he is Dubois. His bass voice matches the text so perfectly, the reader is transported past the text to a new understanding of what it is to be black in America. Particularly moving is Dubois' writing on the death of his young son. Covell packs much emotion into the sad story, but does it without being maudlin. Any audio collection, regardless of size, will benefit from the addition of this tape. It should be useful in black studies, American history, sociology, psychology, and reading. Enthusiastically recommended for all collections."Review of THE SOULS OF BLACK FOLK from KLIATT magazine November, 1993

These new recordings ( ARMY LIFE IN A BLACK REGIMENT,THE LIFE OF FREDERIC DOUGLASS, THE SOULS OF BLACK FOLK ) address a growing need for materials on the African American experience. Two are classics, written in memorable and moving prose and narrated here in clear and precise voices that evoke the suffering and anguish in the lives of their authors, Douglass and Dubois. The third, an account of life in a black civil war regiment, offers a fascinating view of a little-reported aspect of the fighting written by the regiment's commander, a sympathetic and compassionate white man. It nonetheless reveals the biases and misunderstandings of the times...these recordings make key works accessible to audiobook listeners and as such are useful resources in schools and libraries.from The American Library Association BOOKLIST June, 1993

"With the success of the film GLORY, there is a growing interest in the role of African-Americans in the Civil War. First published in 1870, this works recounts the formation and action, in full detail, of the first black regiment of Southern recruits. Most of the troops were from Florida and the white leaders were from Massachusetts. No black troops had black officers. Robert's reading makes this story of black recruits fighting in the South worth remembering. These soldiers, more than any other group, were fighting for their freedom and land. If they lost, they were sure to be executed or sold back into slavery. Robert's account is clear and he reproduces the dialect of the Southern troops without stereotyping...This Civil War account by a direct observer will be of value to history collectins that emphasize American studies."from KLIATT magazine March, 1994

"A recorded narration of the classic novel ( THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE )dealing with a young man's formative experiences slightly before and during his services in the U.S. Civil War, this production features fine diction and timing from a narrator who is throughly comfortable with the text and delivers a dramatic and stirring reading." from the American Library Association BOOKLIST July,1980

Jimcin Recordings has been producing quality audio books since 1977. Our BLACK HISTORY and CIVIL WAR audio books have received many fine reviews. The quotes above are just a small sample.

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BELOW IS A LIST OF OUR RECORDED BLACK HISTORY AND CIVIL WAR BOOKS. Prices are listed. (Less 20% if you mention this page-so don't forget!)


#C-244 THE SOULS OF BLACK FOLK by W.E.B Dubois Read by Walter Covell See first review above for details ( 6 cassettes ) ......................$42.00

#C-245 NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF FREDERIC DOUGLASS by Frederic Douglass Read by Walter Covell See second review above for details ( 3 cassettes )....$21.00

#C-248 ARMY LIFE IN A BLACK REGIMENT by Thomas Wentworth Higginson Read by Jim Roberts See second and third reviews for details ( 7 cassettes )..... $49.00

#C-126 UP FROM SLAVERY by Booker T. Washington Read by Walter Covell Heroic story of the rise from slavery to national prominence ( 8 cassettes )....$49.00

#C-243 UNCLE TOM'S CABIN by Harriet Beecher Stowe Read by Jim Roberts "So this is the little lady that made the big war." The authenticity of Lincoln's words have been questioned but there is no question that this work fueled the passions and prejudices of countless people. It is a work of overwhelming power and persuasion which has outlived even the most severe of critics. The dilemma posed by this book has yet to be solved. What is it to be a moral human being? And how can such a person survive in society? ( 14 cassettes )..............$69.00

#C-250 CO. AYTCH (Company H): A SIDE SHOW OF THE BIG SHOW by Sam R. Watkins Read by Dan Calhoun. This book is considered to be the best account of the Civil War ever written from the confederate point of view. It is also the one most frequently cited by historians of the Western campaigns. Sam Watkins, a high private in the Army of Tennessee, brings a vividness and detail to his story unmatched in the genre. ( 6 cassettes )....$42.00

#C-249 THE STORY OF THE GREAT MARCH by George Ward Nichols Read by Jim Roberts. Controversy over General William Sherman's notorious march through Georgia in 1864 has raged for years. This famous journal, written by an aide-de-camp on Sherman'sstaff, takes the reader on a first-person account of that march. ( 7 cassettes)...$49.00

#C-15 THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE by Stephen Crane. Read by Jim Roberts By allowing us to be in the battle, with all its terrors and trials, in the mind of young soldier, Henry Flemming, Crane creates a great realistic study of the fury and turmoil of war. Flemming dashes into battle, at first is tomented by fear, and later is bolstered with courage in time for the final confrontation. ( 4 cassettes )...$24.00

#C-240 HARD TACK AND COFFEE: LIFE IN THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC by John D. Billings Read by Jim Roberts This first person account of the life of a Union soldier during the Civil War was first published in 1888 and became an immediate best-seller. "One of the most entertaining of all Civil War books." Henry Steele Commager ( 9 cassettes)......$54.00

#C-215 ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A BIOGRAPHY by Brand Whitlock Read by Jim Killavey. Excellent short introduction to the life of the "Great Emancipator" ( 4 cassettes ).....$28.00

#C-32 THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN by Mark Twain Read by Jim Killavey "Throughout the course of this humorous but enigmatic American classic, Killavey's dispassionate narration works surprisingly well. Killavey reads with steady objectivity. His voice changes only for different characters, yet infuses significanceinto every sentence. A provcative recording for school and public libraries."from the American Library Association BOOKLIST, 1980 ( 7 cassettes )....$44.00

#C-78 PUDDN'HEAD WILSON by Mark Twain Read by Jim Roberts Written as a chronicle, this story covers 25 years in the life of a few select citizens of Dawson's Landing, Missouri. A slave woman's new-born child is swapped for a judges son. Mix this with a strange murder, a heap of Southern prejudice, and several eccentric characters, and you have a satiric tale as only Mark Twain could do it. ( 5 cassettes )......$24.00


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