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AudioBook Edition
by Gary Martin
Read by the author

The perfect present for that on- the-go person who likes to read but just doesn't have the time. Review below.

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Here is a recent review from Kliatt Magazine

"This marvelous fantasy adventure tells of the triumph of the human spirit over the vile forces of fantastic creatures (dragons, griffins, basilisks,trolls, ogres, harpies). Martin's fully-voiced reading of his own wonderful narrative captures the special qualities of each character (the heroes as well as the evil beings). There is an undercurrent of humor in this well-told tale that comes out clearly in this excellent audio presentation. The story centers on the quest of two adolescents to gain the help of the unicorns againstthe forces of the nasty creatures converging on the kingdom of Ethel. The unicorns refuse to help but the experience of the quest becomes the key that enables the humans to overcome their fear of the horrible creatures they must fight. This presentation is highly recommended."
from KLIATT Magazine November, 1995