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"Walter Zimmerman excellently narrates two mysteries of Balzac that will please contemporary listeners. It's as if Balzac shares a secret when, in 'La Grand Bretche', the reader's soft voice reveals the grim ending of the love affair of a Spanish nobleman who becomes entombed in the Aristocratic mansion of his lover's husband..Involving tales." from theAmerican Library Association BOOKLIST February 15, 1980

"This classic story of heroism and friendship (THE THREE MUSKETEERS) set in prerevolutionary France needs no introduction. The wonderful tale should be background readingfor every French history course. Covell's semi-voiced reading is entertaining and he interprets the story effectively and reads the different characters with varying degrees of emotion and intensity. Although the whole recording is over 28 hours, the listening experience is well worth the time required." from Kliattmagazine March, 1993

"With a French accent, Walter Covell reads three of Emile Zola's naturalistic stories, 'Captain Burle,' 'The Miller's Daughter,' and 'The Death of Olivier Becaille.' Covell's voice changes to match each character, even as his serious tone and graceful delivery match Zola's own style. Also, Covell's delivery of melodious French names and words informs these tales with an oral elegance. There is only one way to learn these stories and that is to hear them on this recording."review of THREE BY ZOLA in BOOKLIST magazine February 15, 1981

"Presenting two classic showdowns, this cassette offers more than just the action of a fight; these tales analyze the fighters in affairs of honor. Narrator Zimmerman reads these stories with fine expression." review of Cassette N-31 in BOOKLIST magazine January, 1980

"Here are some pleasing, unabridged versions of fine literature. THE THREE MUSKETEERS is excitedly brought to life by the gifted, energetic voice of Walter Covell, who seems to be reading with a smile and enjoying the story as much as any listener. Guy de Maupassant's intriguing short story (PIERRE AND JOHN) has an accomplished reader in Walter Zimmerman." from BOOKLIST magazine November,1 991

Jimcin Recording has been producing quality audio books since 1977. Our French Literature audio books and single cassettes have been widely praised.The quotes above are just a small sample.

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BELOW IS A LIST OF OUR RECORDED FRENCH LITERATURE AUDIOBOOKS AS WELL AS INDIVIDUAL STORIES ON SINGLE CASSETTES. Book prices are listed. Single cassettes are $7.95 each (Less20% if you mention this page - so don't forget!)


#C-236 PERE GORIOT by Honoré de Balzac Read by Walter Covell.This novel was written when Balzac's genius was at it's height and when the his physical powers were not as yet impaired by his enormous labor and his reckless disregard for his health. The history of Goriot and his daughters, the fortunes of Eugene and the mysterious work of Vautrin, not only receive due and unperplexed development, but work upon each other with that correspondence and interdependence which forms the rarest gift of the novelist. Nowhere else is Balzac's charm presented in a more pervading and satisfactory manner than in this novel. ( 8cassettes )...$56.00

#C-90 CARMEN by Prosper Merimee Read by Walter Covell. Includes three of the author's best short stories, 'The Venus of Ille', 'The Taking of the Redoubt", and'Mateo Falcone'. ( 3 cassettes )...$18.00

#C-218 THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME by Victor Hugo Read by Jim Killavey. Historical epic of unconditional love ( 14 cassettes )...$89.00

#C-202 LES MISERABLES by Victor Hugo Read by Walter Covell. Epic story of love, warand injustice. (slightly abridged) ( 24 cassettes )...$120.00

#C-129 MADAME BOVARY by Gustave Flaubert Read by Walter Zimmerman. Masterpiece of French realism. ( 9 cassettes )...$59.00

#C-137 THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK by Alexander Dumas (abridged) Read by Walter Covell.Final adventure of The Three Musketeers. ( 6 cassettes )...$42.00

#C-195 NANA by Emile Zola Read by Walter Zimmerman. Realistic portrait of French courteson ( 14 cassettes )...$69.00

#C-119 GREAT FRENCH AND RUSSIAN SHORT STORIES VOLUME I Read by Walter Zimmerman and Jim Killavey. This collection of literary masterpieces from the ninteenth century includes: "Love", "Regret", "A Piece of String", "The Necklace", "The False Jewels", "Useless Beauty", "In the Moonlight" and "Love's Awakening" by Guy deMaupassant; "The Thief" and "The Wedding" by Fyodor Dostoevsky; "The Mysterious Mansion" and "Christ in Flanders" by Honore de Balzac; "The Kiss" and "The LotteryTicket" by Anton Chekov; "The Overcoat" by Nicolai Gogol; "Zodimirsky's Duel" by Alexander Dumas; "The Shot" by Alexander Poushkin and "The Long Exile" by Leo Tolstoy ( 7 cassettes ) ...$49.00

#C-119 GREAT FRENCH AND RUSSIAN SHORT STORIES VOLUME II Read by Walter Zimmerman.This second collection includes: "Where Love is There God is Also" and "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" by Leo Tolstoy; "The Queen of Spades", "The Blizzard" and"Lady into Lassie" by Alexander Poushkin; "Boule de Suif", "How He Got the Legion of Honor", "Waiter, a Bock!", "The Signal", "Growing Old", "Consideration", " and"The Hole" by Guy de Maupassant; "A Simple Soul" by Gustave Flaubert; "The Dream o fa Ridiculous Man" by Fyodor Dostoevsky; "The Woman and the Cat" by Marcel Prevost;"A Piece of Bread" by Francois Coppe; "The Last Lesson" by Alphonse Daudet ( 7 cassettes ).....$49.00

#C-188 THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA by Gaston Leroux. Read by Walter Zimmerman. Popular story now a hit musical. ( 6 cassettes )...$36.00

#C-213 PIERRE AND JOHN by Guy de Maupassant Read by Walter Zimmerman.Best short novel of famous author. ( 4 cassettes )...$28.00

#C-209 THE THREE MUSKETEERS by Alexander Dumas Read by Walter Covell First adventure of the swashbuckling trio. See review above ( 19 cassettes)...$104.00

#C-94 CANDIDE and ZADIG by Voltaire Read by Jim Killavey and Walter Covell. Biting satire from French master of the genre. ( 6 cassettes )...$39.00

#C-118 THE MYSTERY OF THE YELLOW ROOM by Gaston Leroux Read by Walter Covell. One of the best of the "locked room" mysteries. ( 8 cassettes)...$36.00


#N-10 FAVORITE STORIES BY GUY DE MAUPASSANT Volume I Read by Cindy Hardin and Walter Zimmerman. Stories included are, "The Necklace", "Love's Awakening", "The False Jewels" and "In the Moonlight"

#N-11 FAVORITE STORIES BY GUY DE MAUPASSANT Volume II Read by Cindy Hardin and Walter Zimmerman. Stories included are, "A Piece of String" and "Useless Beauty"

#N-31 "The Shot" by Alexander Poushkin and "The Duel" by Alexander Dumas. Read by Walter Zimmerman.

#N-51 "The Death of Olivier Becaille" by Emile Zola Read by Walter Covell

#N-83 "The Horla", "Was It a Dream?" and "The Wolf" by Guy de Maupassant Read by JimKillavey

#S-84 "The Miller's Daughter" by Emile Zola Read by Walter Covell

#S-21 "The Marquise" by George Sand Read by Walter Zimmerman

#S-60 "The Venus of Ille" by Prosper Merimée Read by Walter Covell


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