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Listed below are audiobook and single cassettes that just didn't quite fit on our other pages. Topics include WESTERNS, NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS, PHILOSOPHY, ESSAYS, BIOGRAPHIES, SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY.

"This audio collection of stories from the Sioux (WIGWAM EVENINGS) begins with a tribe's winter camp and a wise teacher telling stories to the children in front of the fire. Hardin provides the setting and transition and Covell tells the stories. Covell is a graceful, deep-voiced storyteller and his inflections give full color." from KLIATT magazine July, 1995

Jimcin Recordings has been producing quality audio books since 1977. Our audiobooks and single cassetteshave been widely praised. A few more reviews are listed down below.

A whopping 20% off the list price for all who mention this WEB page. Why? Because you are saving us postage and printing. We pass on the savings to you.

BELOW IS A LIST OF VARIOUS RECORDED BOOKS AND SINGLE CASSETTES. Book prices are listed. Individual cassettes are $7.95 each. (Less 20% if you mention this page-so don't forget!)



#C-186 AESOP'S FABLES by Aesop Read by Walter Covell. The original "moral stories."
( 5 cassettes )...$29.00

#C-217 BEN-HUR: A STORY OF THE CHRIST by Lew Wallace. Read by Jim Killavey. Epic story of early Christianity. ( 16 cassettes )...$89.00

#C-210 DUBLINERS by James Joyce Read by Jim Killavey. "The Dead" and fourteen other short stories of Irish life. ( 5 cassettes )...$29.00

#C-212 GREAT SHORT STORIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD by various authors. Read by various narrators.A collection of some of the world's best short stories.( 10 cassettes ) ....$49.00

#C-69 GREEN MANSIONS by W.H. Hudson. Read by Walter Zimmerman and Jim Killavey. ( 6 cassettes )..............$29.00

#C-151 THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO by Marco Polo Read by Walter Covell. Fascinating journey through strange and exotic countries.( 8 cassettes )...$49.00

#C-171 KWIDAN by Lafcadio Hearn Read by Walter Covell. Supernaturalstories of Japan. ( 3 cassettes )...$21.00


N-23 "Walden by Henry David Thoreau

N-32 "Favorite Story Poems" Read by various narrators. Poems included are "The Highwayman"by Alfred Noyes; "My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning; "The Raven" and "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe; "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John Keats; "Kubla Khan" by William Taylor Coleridge; "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" by Oscar Wilde; "The Hound of Heaven" by Francis Thompson

N-48 "Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson and "Civil Disobedience" by Henry DavidThoreau

N-49 "The Outlaws" and "A Christmas Guest" by Selma Lagerloff

N-50 "The Father" and "Railroad and Churchyard" by Bjornstjerne Bjornson


Read by Jim Killavey( 4 cassettes )...$28.00

#C-38 THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMAN FRANKLIN by Benjamin Franklin Read by Walter Covell.( 5 cassettes )..$35.00

#C-201 CAPE COD by Henry David Thoreau Read by Jim Killavey.
"Walden by the Sea"( 6 cassettes )...$42.00

#C-173 THE CONFESSIONS OF AN ENGLISH OPIUM EATER by Thomas DeQuincy Read by Jim Roberts. Fascinating account of opium addiction. ( 4 cassettes )...$24.00

#C-189 THE FEDERALIST PAPERS by Thomas Jefferson, John Jay and James Madison. Read by Jim Killavey. Selections from essays on the constitution. ( 6 cassettes )...$36.00

#C-134 GREAT AMERICAN ESSAYS Read by Jim Killavey Thoughts of great Americans.
( 7 cassettes )...$39.00

#C-196 THE LIFE OF SAMUEL JOHNSON by James Boswell Read by Jim Killavey. Famous story of a giant of his age. ( 24 cassettes )...$109.00

#C-185 RALPH WALDO EMERSON: SELECTED ESSAYS by Ralph Waldo Emerson Read by Jim Killavey. ( 7 cassettes )...$49.00

#C-223 A SENTIMENTAL JOURNAY THROUGH FRANCE AND ITALY by Laurence Sterne Read by Walter Covell.Humoreous account of author's travels. ( 3 cassettes )...$21.00

#C-109 THE STORY OF MY LIFE by Helen Keller Read by Cindy Hardin.
( 4 cassettes )...$26.00

#C-150 WALDEN by Henry David Thoreau Read by Jim Killavey. "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation." ( 8 cassettes )..$45.00

#C-184 THE PRINCE by Nicolo Machiavelli Read by Walter Zimmerman. Treatise on use and misuse of power. ( 6 cassettes )..$36.00

#C-220 A WEEK ON THE CONCORD AND MERRIMACK RIVERS by Henry David Thoreau Read by Jim Killavey. Philosophical account of river journey. ( 10 cassettes )..$58.00


#C-192 APOLOGY, CRITO, and THE REPUBLIC by Plato Read by Walter Covell. Includes the first two books of THE REPUBLIC.

#C-211 ETHICS by Aristotle Read by Jim Killavey. Treatise on justice and "right living."
( 8 cassettes ). ..$49.00

#C-221 POLITICS by Aristotle Read by Jim Killavey. Treatise on forms of government.
( 8 cassettes )..$49.00

#C-183 THE MEDITATIONS OF MARCUS AURELIUS by Marcus Aurelius Read by Walter Covell.Ancient wisdom rings true today. ( 6 cassettes )..$32.00


#C-225 THE LONE STAR RANGER by Zane Grey Read by Jim Roberts. Outlaw turns lawman.( 9 cassettes )...$45.00

#C-73 THE LUCK OF ROARING CAMP AND OTHER STORIES by Bret Harte Read by Walter Zimmerman and Jack Benson Stories of the Old West. ( 4 cassettes )...$28.00

#C-100 MAIN-TRAVELLED ROADS by Hamlin Garland Read by Walter Zimmerman and Donald White. Stories of the Missippii Valley. ( 6 cassettes )...$36.00

#C-226 THE OREGO N TRAIL by Francis Parkman Read by Jim Roberts.
The complete 1872 version.( 10 cassettes )...$59.00

#C-227 THE RAINBOW TRAIL by Zane Grey Read by Jim Roberts. Also known toZane Grey fans as, "The Desert Crucible" ( 8 cassettes )... $49.00

#C-222 RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE by Zane Grey Read by Jim Roberts.
A guman on a lonely quest. Read by Jim Roberts. ( 9 cassettes )..$49.00

#C-261 A NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF DAVY CROCKETT by Himself Read by Jim Roberts.Davy Crockett was "Born on a mountain-top in Tennessee" and died a hero's death at the Alamo. He was, and continues to be, a legendary American hero. This is his story in his own words. "One of the primary social documents of America..a classic in homespun ." J. Frank Dobie inA Guide to Life and LIterature in the Southwest ( 4 cassettes )...$24.00


#C-260 INDIAN BOYHOOD by Charles A. Eastman Read by Jim Killavey. Charles Eastman, otherwise known as Hakadah, was a full-blooded Sioux who learned the manners and stoical ways of patience and bravery expected of every Indian boy. This books is a first-hand account of his life until the age of fifteen. ( 5 cassettes )...$35.00

#C-234 WIGWAM EVENINGS by Charles and Elaine Eastman Read by Walter Covell and Cindy Hardin.This is a condensed collection of the values of the Sioux Indians, presented in a style that is atonce both direct and engaging. These allegories are the essence of the Sioux culture told in prose a child of any time or place can understand. A rich collection of wisdom.
( 2 cassettes )...$14.00

#C-299 THE SOUL OF AN INDIAN by Charles Eastman Read by Jim Killavey.
A fascinating look at the spiritual life of Native Americans before and after the coming of the white man.( 3 cassettes )...$21.00


#C-253 FLAMEDRAGON'S DANCE by Gary Martin Read by the author.
In a world before recorded time it was still possible for animals and strange mythical creatures to talk to humans - if they would take the time to listen. One who did take the time, and thus had many animal friends, was Young Tom. He lived in a peaceful little village where he could only dream of brave deeds and heroic quests. Then stange rumors of the rise of the "nasties" and the terrible mind-controlling "moloch" begin to reach the village. Soon Tom finds himself on a heroic quest beyond even his own imaginings - with the fate of his people in his hands. A wonderful novel in the tradition of Tolkien is made even better by the author's inspired reading.
( 6 cassettes )...$29.00

#C-79 THE FOOD OF THE GODS by H.G. Wells Read by Walter Covell. Giants walk the earth! ( 6 cassettes )...$32 .00

#C-20 FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON by Jules Verne Read by Jim Killavey. A canon shot tothe moon! ( 3 cassettes )...$21.00

#C-191 A PRINCESS OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs Read by Jim Killavey.
First adventure of John Carter o n Mars. ( 6 cassettes )...$36.00

#C-228 THE GODS OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs Read by Jim Killavey.
John Carterreturns to Mars. ( 6 cassettes )...$36.00

#C-80 IN THE DAYS OF THE COMET by H.G. Wells Read by Walter Covell.
A comet causes strange changes on earth. ( 6 cassette )...$36.00

Read by Tom Collette.Exploration of a strange new world. ( 7 cassettes )...$42.00

#C-2 MASTER OF THE WORLD by Jules Verne Read by Jim Roberts.
A mad inventor and his terrifying machine. ( 4 cassettes )...$21.00

#C-12 THE INVISIBLE MAN by H.G. Wells Read by Jim Killavey.
Madman creates a reign of terror. ( 4 cassettes )...$21.00

#C-9 THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU by H. G. Wells Read by Jim Roberts.
Horror ofhalf-humans, half-beasts. ( 4 cassettes )..$21.00

#C-61 TALES OF SPACE AND TIME by H.G. Wells Read by Walter Covell.
Stories ofthe past and the future. ( 6 cassettes )...$36.00

#C-8 THE TIME MACHINE by H.G. Wells Read by Walter Zimmerman and Jim Roberts. Fascinating journey far into the future. ( 3 cassettes )...$21.00

Read by Jim Killavey.Incredible journey of Captain Nemo. ( 9 cassettes )...$49.00

#C-7 THE WAR OF THE WORLDS by H.G. Wells ( abridged ) by H.G. Wells
Read by Walter Zimmerman. Panic spreads as aliens invade. ( 3 cassettes )...$21.00


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"An English traveler's weird encounter with beast-people monsters in the remote Pacific island laboratory of a megalomaniac scientist is evoked effectively in this cool reading of early Wellsian science fiction." ( THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU )from The American Library Association BOOKLIST magazine June 15, 1980

"A clear and dramatic verbatim reading of Wells' famous science fiction tale, this recording was successfully used by both an English teacher and a reading consultant in high school. A great bargain at the price, this recording will be a good addition to high school, college, and public library collections." from BOOKLIST magazine May 15, 1980

"The narration is even and sure throughout as the listener hears and experiences the aliens' seeming invincibility and their ultimate demise. Excellent for high school and public library collections." from BOOKLIST magazine April 15, 1980


For a whole bunch of reasons. For one thing, given the high price of most companies' book rentals, it doesn't cost all that much more and you don't have to worry about getting them back on time. When you're done you can lend them to friends, colleagues, relatives,the boss, etc. or donate them to tax-deductible organizations such as schools, libraries and hospitals. You make friends, influence people and get yourself a nice little deduction. A warning - mostof our titles are worth a second or third listen. Lend them only to friends or relatives who are in the habit of returning things.

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