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"Martin Hewitt is a genial Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant private detective who uses logic, minute observation, and then imagination and common sense to solve an odd assortment of perplexing crimes in nineteenth century England. His clients tend to be nervous types who overreact to crises, thus allowing Hewitt to be the calming, soothing presence. Even without sound effects this presentation is excellent as Covell narrates in a superb dramatic style, with multiple vocal characterizations. This collection of notably read stories will be enjoyable fare for many public library patrons."from the American Library Association BOOKLIST February 15, 1982

"American author Jacques Futrelle's example of an early 20th century detective story, first published in 1907 in THE THINKING MACHINE, is skillfully narrated by Walter Covell who unobtrusively and smoothly assumes the roles of all the characters, telling the story quite masterfully and suspensefully." review of "The Problem of Cell 13" from PREVIEWS magazine October, 1980

"Intelligent, daring, but oh what a rogue. Nothing is safe from Arsene Lupin, the intriguing, intrepid thief. Only his good friend Inspector Ganimard has managed to arrest him,but only briefly. Even Sherlock Holmes, who arrives to sort out a complicated burglary is embarassed by Lupin's much publicized wiles. Good plots, great narration (a super job by Covell) and the wonderfull Lupin create an excellent few hours of short stories."review of ARSENE LUPIN, GENTLEMAN BURGLAR in the American Library Associaton BOOKLIST March 15, 1984

Jimcin Recordings has been producing quality audio books since 1977. Our mystery and detection audio books and single cassettes have been widely praised. The quotes above are just a small sample.

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BELOW IS A LIST OF OUR RECORDED MYSTERY AND DETECTION BOOKS AS WELL AS INDIVIDUAL STORIES ON SINGLE CASSETTES. Book prices are listed. Single cassettes are $7.95 each (Less 20% if you mention this page - so don't forget!)


#C-129 MARTIN HEWITT, INVESTIGATOR by Arthur Morrison Read by Walter Covell. Six adventures of Holmes' greatest rival ( 4 cassettes) ......................$28.00

#C-97 ARSENE LUPIN, GENTLEMAN BURGLER by Maurice Leblanc Read by Walter Covell. French villain battles Sherlock Holmes ( 4 cassettes) ....$28.00

#C-199 RAFFLES: THE AMATEUR CRACKSMAN by E.M. Hornung Read by Walter Covell. Adventures of notorious villain. ( 6 cassettes)..... $28.00

#C-48 THE BIG BOW MYSTERY by Israel Zangwill Read by Walter Covell. One of the first and finest locked room mysteries. ( 3 cassettes)...........$21.00

#C-40 THE CASE OF JENNIE BRICE by Mary Roberts Rinehart Read by Cindy Hardin. Murder most foul is suspected. ( 3 cassettes)......$21.00

#C-59 THE CIRCULAR STAIRCASE by Mary Roberts Rinehart Read by Cindy Hardin. Classic "Had I but known" mystery ( 5 cassettes ).....$32.00

#C-163 THE MAN IN LOWER TEN by Mary Roberts Rinehart Read by Jim Killavey. Murder and intrigue on a speeding train. ( 5 cassettes) ....$32.00

#C-152 THE WINDOW AT THE WHITE CAT by Mary Roberts Rinehart Read by Jim Killavey. Political corruption leads to murder. ( 5 cassettes)..........$35.00

#C-248 THE AFTER HOUSE by Mary Roberts Rinehart Read by Jim Killavey. Murder and intrigue on a sailboat ( 5 cassettes ).......$29.00

#C-169 THE FOUR JUST MEN by Edgar Wallace Read by Walter Covell. Justice outside the law. ( 4 cassettes ) ........$28.00

#C-204 THE INSIDIOUS DR. FU MANCHU by Sax Rohmar Read by GaryMartin. Mysterious villain from the East. ( 6 cassettes ).........$29.00

#C-251 THE HAND OF FU MANCHU by Sax Rohmar Read by Gary Martin. The evil doctor returns. ( 6 cassettes )................$29.00

#C-148 THE LEAVENWORTH CASE by Anna Katherine Green Read by Jim Killavey. First American detective story by a woman ( 9 cassettes).....$59.00

#C-141 THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY by G.K. Chesterton Read by Walter Covell. Allegorical detective story ( 5 cassettes )............$29.00

#C-127 THE MOONSTONE by Wilkie Collins Read by various narrators. One of the first great detective novels ( 15 cassettes ).....$89.00

#C-157 THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD by Charles Dickens Read by Walter Covell. Unfinished mystery includes possible ending. ( 8 cassettes) .....$39.00

#C-THE MYSTERY OF A HANSOM CAB by Fergus W. Hume Read by Walter Covell. Best-selling Australian murder-mystery ( 7 cassettes ).......$42.00

#C-THE MYSTERY OF THE YELLOW ROOM by Gaston Leroux Read by Walter Covell. Masterpiece of French detective fiction. ( 8 cassettes).........$36.00

#C-175 THE OLD MAN IN THE CORNER by Baroness Orczy Read by Walter Covell. Famous solver of mysteries ( 6 cassettes ) .........$36.00

#C-133 THE PASSENGER FROM SCOTLAND YARD by H.F. Wood Read by Walter Covell. Mystery that was more popular than Holmes! ( 9 cassettes)......$49.00

#C-49 THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS by Erskine Childers Read by Jim Killavey. Classic secret service and sailing novel ( 7 cassettes).....$36.00

#C-229 TRENT'S LAST CASE by E.C. Bentley Read by Walter Covell. One of the finest detective stories of modern times. ( 6 cassettes).....$36.00

#C-165 THE WOMAN IN WHITE by Wilkie Collins Read by various narrators. Enthralling mystery with a hint of the supernatural. ( 19 cassettes).....$89.00

#C-240 SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE by Earl Derr Biggers Read by Jim Killavey. By the creator of Charlie Chan ( 6 cassettes )........$29.00

#C-82 CLASSIC DETECTIVE STORIES VOLUME I Read by Various narrators. These detective stories, from the vintage era of mystery writing, include the following: "The Problem of Cell 13" by Jacques Futrelle; "The Lenton Croft Robberies" by Arthur Morrison; "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons" and "The Adventure of the Empty House" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; "The Absent-Minded Coterie" by Robert Barr; "Madame Sara by L.T. Meade; "How He Cut His Stick" by M. Bodkin; "The Glascow Mystery" and "The Dublin Mystery" by Baroness Orczy. ( 9 cassettes ).....$63.00

#C-115 CLASSIC DETECTIVE STORIES VOLUME II Read by various narrators. This second collection includes: "The Stolen Cigar Case" by Bret Harte; "The Nicobar Bullion Case" and "The Affair of the Tortoise" by Arthur Morrison; "The Blood Red Cross" by L.T. Meade and Robert Eustace; "The Fatal Cipher" by Jacques Futrelle; "The Duchess of Wilshire's Diamonds" by Guy Boothby; "The Mystery of Mrs. Dickinson by Nick Carter; "The Stolen White Elephant" by Mark Twain;"The Red-Headed League" and "The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; "The Purloined Letter" and "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" by EdgarAllan Poe; and "Mr. Policeman and theCook" by Wilkie Collins. ( 9 cassettes ).......$63.00

#C-146 CLASSIC DETECTIVE STORIES VOLUME III Read by Various narrators. This third collection includes: "The Mandarin's Pearl" and "The Blue Sequin" by R. Austin Freeman; "The Chicago Heiress" by Clifford Ashdown; "The Case of Mr.Geldard's Elopment" and "The Case of the Ward Lane Tabernacle" by Arthur Morrison; "The Liverpool Mystery" and "The Case of Miss Eliot" by Baroness Orczy; "The Little Old Man of Batignolle" by Emile Gaborieau; "The Secret of the Fox Hunter" by William LeQuex; "The Staircase of the Heart's Delight" by Anna Katherine Green; "The Adventure of the Naval Treaty" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. ( 7 cassettes )....$42.00

#C-166 GREAT TALES OF MYSTERY Read by various narrators. This feast for mystery buffs includes: "The Mystery of Marie Roget" by Edgar Allan Poe; "The QueerFeet" and "The Invisible Man" by G.K. Chesterton; "The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railroad" by Baroness Orczy; "The Fated Five Hundred" by Robert Barr; "The Aluminium Dagger" and "Room 666" by Jacques Futrelle; "The Redhill Sisterhood" by Catherine L. Pirkis; "The Trailer Murder Mystery" by Abraham Lincoln; "The Sheriff of Gullmore" by Melville Davidson Post. ( 7 cassettes ).....$42.00


N-45 The Problem of Cell 13" by Jacques Futrelle Read by Walter Covell.

D-1 "The Mystery of Mrs. Dickinson" by Nick Carter and "The Purloined Letter" by Edgar Allan Poe Read by a cast of characters.

D-2 "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" by Edgar Allan Poe Read by a cast of characters.

D-3 "The Stolen White Elephant" by Mark Twain and "The Stolen Cigar Case" by Bret Harte Read by a cast of characters.

D-10 "A Double Barrelled Detective Story" by Mark Twain Read by a cast of characters.

N-77 "The Lenton Croft Robberies" by Arthur Morrison Read by Walter Covell.

N-78 "The Case of the Dixon Torpedo" by Arthur Morrison Read by Walter Covell.

N-79 "The Glascow Mystery" and "The Dublin Mystery"by Baroness Orczy Read by Walter Covell and Cindy Hardin.

S-7 "The Absent-Minded Coterie" by Robert Barr Read by Walter Covell.

S-13 "The Stanway Cameo Mystery" by Arthur Morrison Readby Walter Covell

S-14 "The Holford Will Case" by Arthur Morrison Readby Walter Covell

S-15 "The Case of the Missing Hand" by Arthur Morrison Read by Walter Covell

S-61 "The Mandarin's Pearl" by R. Austin Freeman Read by Walter Zimmerman

L-1 "The Doomdorf Mystery" by Melville Davidson Post


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