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"Tolstoy's striking word pictures and atmosphere are starkly delivered with an incredible match of voice and style that maximizes th

eir devastating effect." review of THE DEATH OFIVAN ILYCH and MASTER AND MAN in BOOKLIST magazine April, 1982

"This story (The Overcoat), one of Gogol's most famous is skillfully narrated to reflect the author's frustration with civil service and the plight of the poor, and will evoke an emotional response among listeners." from BOOKLIST magazine November, 1981

"What studies of humanity are to be found in these four short stories by the revered Russian playright! Each of Chekov's stories contains remarkable imagination and characterization and is capably read here by Walter Zimmerman whose voice is clear and whose delivery is sharp." review ofCassette N-30 in BOOKLIST magazine February, 1980

"Presenting two classic showdowns, this cassette offers more than just the action ofa fight; these tales analyze the fighters in affairs of honor. Narrator Zimmermanreads these stories with fine expression." review of Cassette N-31 in BOOKLIST magazine January, 1980

Jimcin Recording has been producing quality audio books since 1977. Our Russian Literature audio books and single cassettes have been widely praised. The quotes above are just a small sample.

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BELOW IS A LIST OF OUR RECORDED RUSSIAN LITERATURE AUDIOBOOKS AS WELL AS INDIVIDUAL STORIES ON SINGLE CASSETTES. Book prices are listed. Single cassettes are $7.95 each (Less 20% if you mention this page -so don't forget!)


#C-105 THE COSSACKS by Leo Tolstoy Read by Walter Zimmerman. Realistic protrayal of Cossack people ( 6 cassettes )...$34.00

#C-59 THE DEATH OF IVAN ILYCH AND MASTER AND MAN by Leo Tolstoy Read by Walter Zimmerman. Two short masterpieces. See review above. ( 5 cassettes )...$39.00

#C-162 THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV by Fyodor Dostoevsky Read by Walter Covell. Masterpiece of psychological fiction. ( 28 cassettes )...$120.00

#C-120 CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Fyodor Dostoevsky Read by Walter Zimmerman. Psychological study of crime. ( 17 cassettes )...$94.00

#C-139 THE ETERNAL HUSBAND by Fyodor Dostoevsky Read by Jim Killavey Story of revenge and passion. ( C-139 )...$36.00

#C-53 FATHERS AND SONS by Ivan Turgenev Read by Walter Zimmerman Conflict between generations. ( 6 cassettes )...$34.00

#C-136 THE GAMBLER by Fyodor Dostoevsky Read by Walter Zimmerman Based on the author's own life and problems. ( 6 cassettes )...$39.00

#C-119 GREAT FRENCH AND RUSSIAN SHORT STORIES VOLUME I Read by Walter Zimmerman and Jim Killavey. This collection of literary masterpieces from the ninteenth century includes: "Love", "Regret", "A Piece of String", "The Necklace", "The False Jewels", "Useless Beauty", "In the Moonlight" and "Love's Awakening" by Guy deMaupassant; The Thief" and "The Wedding" by Fyodor Dostoevsky; "The Mysterious Mansion" and "Christ in Flanders" by Honoré de Balzac; "The Kiss" and"The Lottery Ticket" by Anton Chekov; "The Overcoat" by Nicolai Gogol;"Zodimirsky's Duel" by Alexander Dumas; "The Shot" by Alexander Poushkin and"The Long Exile" by Leo Tolstoy ( 7 cassettes ) ...$49.00

#C-119 GREAT FRENCH AND RUSSIAN SHORT STORIES VOLUME II Read by Walter Zimmerman. This second collection includes: "Where Love is There God is Also" and "How Much Land Does a Man Need" by Leo Tolstoy; "The Queen of Spades", "The Blizzard" and "Lady into Lassie" by Alexander Poushkin; "Boule de Suif", "How He Got the Legion ofHonor", "Waiter, a Bock!", "The Signal", "Growing Old", "Consideration", and"The Hole" by Guy de Maupassant; "A Simple Soul" by Gustave Flaubert; "The Dream of a Ridiculous Man" by Fyodor Dostoevsky; "The Woman and the Cat" by Marcel Prevost;"A Piece of Bread" by Francois Coppe; "The Last Lesson" by Alphonse Daudet ( 7 cassettes ).....$49.00

#C-161 THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD by Fydor Dostoevsky Read by Walter Covell.Account of prison life in Siberia. ( 10 cassettes )...$58.00

#C-87 THE KREUTZER SONATA and FAMILY HAPPINESS by Leo Tolstoy Read by Walter Zimmerman. Best short works of Tolstoy. ( 5 cassettes )...$35.00

#C-34 NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND by Fyodor Dostoevsky Read by Walter Zimmerman. Best short novel of literary giant. ( 4 cassettes )...$26.00


N-30 "The Bet", "A Work of Art", "The Lament", "The Slanderer"; by Anton Chekov Read by Walter Zimmerman

N-31 "The Shot" by Alexander Poushkin and "Zodimirsky's Duel" by Alexander DumasRead by Walter Zimmerman

N52 "The Thief", and "The Wedding" by Fyodor Dostoevskyand "The Long Exile" by Leo Tolstoy Read by Walter Zimmerman

N-81 "The Overcoat" by Nikolai Gogol Read by Walter Zimmerman

N-82 "The Kiss" and "The Lottery Ticket" by Anton Chekov Read by Jim Killavey

S-46 "Where Love is There God Is Also" by Leo Tolstoy and "The Queen of Spades" by Alexander Poushkin Read by Walter Zimmerman


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